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Selection & Maintenance

Equipment is one of the most important aspects of diving to which, divers must pay highest attention. Diving equipment must be high quality, well maintained and most definitely in accordance with defined standards. Carefully selected equipment is the key to prevent possible psychological and physiological difficulties, and to explore the beauties lying down in the sea. Selecting right equipment is a must and there is no room for ‘so-so’ equipment in diving.

Following the diving technology and scientific developments, is top priority for both a diver and a diving centre. Advancing technology makes diving more joyful and safe.

In equipment selection, appropriateness to the purpose is to be based rather than formative factors. It must be paid attention to be practical in selected equipment and its firmness as well.

The maintenance of the equipment after usage (washing with regular water, etc.) has not to be forgotten, and its authorised caretakers or expert staff must undertake its periodical maintenance. It must be kept in mind that, simple overlooking and lack of attention may lead to many negative results.

You may buy any equipment you need from naturablue SHOP.

You may leave safely your equipment on the boat during the period you join for diving. Your equipment will be kept safe by our crewmembers on board, so you’ll be free of carrying all under the sun.

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