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Diving Tours

Standard Diving Tour

We are running two diving tours per day as standard program. For first dive, we take off at 10.00 AM and return back around 12:30. Second dive is carried between 3:00 and 5:30. PM.

The structure of Kas and its diving points’ specifications allow the evaluation of the day in diverse ways. Our guests can attend many different activities during the same day. For instance, you may come to the morning dive and take another tour afternoon. Your non-diving partner – whenever the boat is not crowded – can accompany you on the boat and can swim or sunbath when you are diving and spend the afternoon resting or shopping.

We meet one hour prior to take off in order to prepare the necessary equipment. All our dives are for small groups –at maximum 5– and arranged carefully by guides leading each group. Prior the dive, grouping will be done and detailed briefing about the diving point is given

Daily Tour

From time to time, we are arranging daily tours on demand. We are leaving the harbour at 9:30 AM, going to one of the day-long distance (and out of regular tour) points, take our first dive there and then choose one of the turquoise-blue bays for BBQ party. After lunch, we are either taking a rest or a nature walk until the next dive. After the second dive into a different point, we are returning back around 5:00 PM.

Night Dive

We are also arranging pre-planned night dives with divers having appropriate licences for educational purposes and as a part of a packed-program. We are leaving the harbour near the sun downs, anchoring at diving point; then getting necessary preparations and giving detailed brief before the diving.

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